Melody V. Cassen is an artist and illustrator with more than two decades of professional experience. 

Melody began her career as an illustrator and art director in New York City, creating book jackets for such publishers as Random House, Disney/Hyperion and Simon & Schuster. After years of working for clients, Melody eventually began turning her attention to creating images that embody her own style and personal point of view. 

With an ever-evolving creative practice that fuses digital and traditional techniques, Melody has created a distinct visual language in her work, incorporating rich color, layers of textures and patterns, and recurring motifs.

Inspired by nature, Melody creates artwork that celebrates the power and beauty of the Feminine with a touch of the romantic and surreal. In her more recent work, subtle layerings of textures, colors, objects and patterns - implied sound, energy, and frequencies - convey the lushness of life itself. The notion we are all interconnected is a common theme throughout her work.