Frequently Asked Questions

What is a giclee print?

Giclée printing is a fine art digital printing method using specialist archival pigment inks and acid-free papers; creating museum/gallery prints with excellent depth of color, longevity and stability giving assurance to collectors and art buyers of this type of printing method.

What is a limited edition print?

Most of Melody's prints are part of a limited edition, some as an edition of 50, others as an edition of 25. Print editions are per size, for instance larger print sizes are typically smaller editions, whereas medium to small sizes are larger print runs. All of these are printed, signed, numbered and in some cases hand-finished by Melody.

Once the edition has sold out, that is it for that particular print. This limitation adds to the exclusivity of the print and also increases its resale value. Occasionally a print run has a higher edition or is open ended, which are time limited rather than limited by the edition number. 

What is an AP?

AP is shorthand for Artist’s Proof. An artist’s proof is best understood as a test print, through which the artist can assess the quality of the print. Typically they will be numbered, and separated from the limited edition group, and occasionally available for sale once the print edition has sold out. As they are part of a much smaller run (usually between 1 and 5), the cost of an Artist’s Proof is higher than the standard print edition. 

Why is the paper size different from the image size?

The dimensions for all prints listed on the website is for the actual printed area of the paper. Each print comes with a one inch white border, which is not included in the dimensions. To estimate the exact paper size (if you are planning to frame the price yourself, for example), please add one inch onto each side of both the height and width of the listed dimensions. The white border is included to allow for various framing options, such as float mounting or matting. All measurements are approximate and for guidance only.

Do you ship worldwide?

At this time we only ship domestically within the United States. Shipping is free on all orders. 

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped you will receive a notification advising you of your tracking number along with the carrier provider details.

Do you take on commercial work?

Yes. If you have a commercial project you’d like Melody to work on, please contact with an outline of your project. Due to Melody's workload, only a select number of commercial commissions can be undertaken.

Do you do private commissions?

Presently, no. However that may change in the future.